• In Love & In Lust | Leonor Laluna

Have you ever been "in love"? Or have you ever been "in lust"?

If you've ever found yourself in either of these two extremes - In Love -- with all its heightened emotions, selfless giving and apt adoration for the beloved; or just simply but basely In Lust -- giving in to urges & swayed by fleeting, smoldering passions of the moment -- then this book is for you.

Packed with humorous and hearty advice and revelations on varied experiences of people who've journeyed through these two paths -- love and lust -- you may find that as you travel through and read this book you'll realize that the search for love and intimacy is not entirely different paths, but two sides of the same coin.

Written for the all lovers who wish to explore more about the love and sexuality, this book is written with self-deprecating humor from the author's standpoint and that of friends -- both women and other sexes -- on their experiences, and highlight important lessons that can be derived from those significant life events and themes.

Hopefully you'll swoon and be reminded of the times you've fallen in love or simply jumped into a fling. And if you're playing it smart, you won't be reading this alone.

Author Leonor Laluna

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In Love & In Lust | Leonor Laluna

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